Frodo's Quest
Living the Myth in the Lord of the Rings
By Robert Ellwood
Quest Books

This book is for all lovers of J. R. R. Tolkien's great modern myth, The Lord of the Rings, widely considered one of the major books of the twentieth century. In Frodo's Quest, I approach this wonderful fantasy as one would any myth, as an expression in narrative form of profound truths about the universe and the human place in it, including the many aspects of human nature. Here we see how the story can be read as a epic of death and rebirth, triumph over evil, and the discovery of higher consciousness. We see in the characters archetypes we can meet in ourselves as well as in others, from the spiritual guide like Gandalf to the shadow, like the orcs or ringwraiths. The book also provides meditational exercises to help us over the trials we face as we set out on journeys of inner and outer discover, and of unburdening ourselves of rings of false forms of power.

Read this book and let me know how your respond to it.

Robert Ellwood
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