The Cross and the Grail: Esoteric Christianity for the 21st Century
by Robert Ellwood
Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, 1997

A re you looking for a third way to be Christian, besides fundamentalism and liberalism? A way that takes the stories of the Bible seriously, but is most concerned with their inner meaning, rather than with literalism or academic critical approaches? A way that enables you to follow the Path from life to life -- the great Path presented in my previous book, The Pilgrim Self -- as a Christian?

If so, this book, a part of a growing rebirth of the esoteric way in Christianity that seems to be rising in the 21st century and the third millennium, may be of help. It presents Christian teaching, worship, fellowship, ethics, and personal spirituality from the esoteric standpoint. I would be happy for you to read it and to discuss it with me.

Robert Ellwood
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